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PaddleballGalaxy - Fastest Shipping in the Galaxy

Order by 3PM Eastern Mon-Fri and your order ships the same day. (Bag Embroideries delay 24 hours). We ship from Albany, NY

We offer a wide range of equipment for Pickleball, Platform Tennis, Paddle Tennis, Beach Tennis, Paddleball and Padel. We are an authorized dealer for manufacturers such as Viking, Wilson, Pro-Lite, Pickleball Now, Pickleball Inc and S-Type. We will price match any authorized dealer that has the product in stock, just email or call us.

The Most of the New 2015 Viking Platform Tennis Paddles are IN STOCK NOW (OZone paddles Shipping Early Sept). Viking has been a leader in producing high performance platform paddles and equipment for over eighteen years. During this time, Viking has continued to use advanced engineering and the finest materials combined with revolutionary technologies taking our paddles to a whole new level.

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The New Wilson 2015 Paddles are NOW IN STOCK! They are perfect for Platform Tennis as well as Paddle Tennis. They feature Wilson's No Grit Zone Technologies. With No Grit Zone, this rough texture is removed from the bottom of the paddle leaving a smooth surface that keeps players from experiencing discomfort in their fingers.

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Marcraft has over 30 years experience making paddleball paddles, back by popular demand their Graphite paddle is a superior performing paddle. Constructed with a special bi-directional graphite fiber to produce exceptional power, ball control and pin point accuracy. Get quality paddleballs here. We also carry Indoor Court Shoes for 4 wall paddleball as well as Outdoor Court Shoes for 1 wall paddleball.

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Beach Tennis is played as singles or doubles. Regulation net height is 5 ft. 6 3/4 inch. (1.7 meters), Width of an official Beach Tennis court is 26 1/4 ft. (8 meters), Length of an official Beach Tennis court is 52 1/2 ft. (16 meters). Scoring is 15-30-40 with no advantage; at 40-40 (deuce) next point wins, Doubles, men serve underhand, lets are in play, one serve is allowed per point. The ball can NOT hit the sand. If it does, the opposing team receives a point. If the ball strikes the line in any way the shot is good. Only one hit is allowed to get the ball over the net; in doubles, you may not pass the ball to your partner.

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Pickleball Paddles from Onix (formerly S-Type), Pickleball Inc, Wilson Pickleball Paddles and Pro Lite. We have many composite and graphite paddles in stock, try out a rubber python grip on your new paddle for extra grip and control.

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